Lansing, Michigan
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Community Service

The Phi Beta Sigma motto, "Culture for Service, and Service for Humanity" is embodied in the commitment of Epsilon Tau Sigma Chapter's involvement in community events and service activities.  Some of our community service activities include: Adopt a Highway Program, March of Dimes, Youth Mentoring Workshop for Lansing Public Schools, Junior Achievement, and Tutoring Program for Male Youth.  Our Scholarship Program is funded by many of our social activities, which are a financial conduit for students in need of financial assistance for college.  Of note is our twenty-four year commitment to the Adopt a Highway Program, which aims to help create a cleaner and safer environment for our city.  Additionally, the Youth Mentoring Workshop which is held annually in the month of February, serves over 300 high school males from the Lansing area and vicinity.  Selected topics are discussed by facilitators from our chapter as well as distinguished guests who are professionals and entrepreneurs from numerous fields and disciplines.  We are always visible and vigilant within our community, looking for new and innovative ways to better impact our youth and our culture.  Thus, our cause speeds on.  

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